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Discover: The Rook & The Raven and the Have Dreams Academy

Capitalizing on the resurgence of tabletop roleplaying games, RavenRook Publishing has found a unique niche. Under the moniker The Rook & The Raven, they craft and sell high quality disc-bound gaming notebooks specifically designed with these sorts of games in mind. This Evanston-based business quickly outgrew the owners’ dining room and moved to an incubator space at Industrious Evanston. A few months later, they moved to their own space located at 828 Davis. Offering a wide variety of products, including highly customizable diaries and planners, this is the perfect destination to meet your gaming journal needs.

Notably, while still at Industrious, RavenRook began working with the Have Dreams Academy program, an intensive workforce training program for young adults with high functioning autism. The goal of this program is competitive, inclusive employment achieved through autism specific job readiness curriculum, internships with Evanston businesses, as well as job development, placement, and follow-on services. With the repetitive nature of many of its assembly and packaging processes, RavenRook proved to be a great fit for individuals on the spectrum. In September 2018, RavenRook owners Déja and Amber Augustine welcomed two participants from the Have Dreams workforce training program. One was a recent graduate who had completed a one-month trial before being hired, while the other was a then-current participant in the program, who was subsequently hired after a four-month internship. As the RavenRook team has continued to grow, their staff of 10 now includes three Have Dreams graduates.

The Have Dreams graduates were among RavenRook’s first hires and have had the opportunity to contribute to the business’ success and growth. Throughout the training period and transition to employment, Have Dreams staff were on-site providing support to ensure success for both the employee and the company. This ongoing partnership is a great example of inclusive employment and we are thrilled to have them as part of the Evanston community!

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