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Discover: The Fitness Matrix

The Fitness Matrix is the brain-child of Albert Ferguson, a Northwestern University graduate who had a vision to offer complete fitness services in west Evanston.


Ferguson, who holds an MBA from Georgetown University and was previously a global business consultant, returned to Evanston with the idea of offering fitness services for the entire the family. That venture started seven years ago, and he now manages two locations, which house three different fitness concepts. At 2409 Main Street, Albert runs The Fitness Matrix, which offers personal training, sports conditioning, group classes, nutrition consultations and more. The second space, at 2306 Main Street, houses Main Event Boxing & Fitness, and also offers Serafin Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


When asked why he chose Evanston, Ferguson says that he was inspired during his time at Northwestern, where he met great people, including his martial arts coach, Evanston Police Department Officer Ervin De Leon. Ferguson felt there was a need for martial arts classes for children in the west side of Evanston, so he has taken it upon himself to fill that void – with new classes launching in January of 2019. The next step for this entrepreneur, he says, is to offer programs beyond fitness, including women’s self-defense classes.


However, Albert’s successes have not come without challenges. "My greatest difficulty has been getting the word out about who we are and what we do. That's why I'm so especially grateful that the City of Evanston has been helpful in promoting small businesses. Just a few weeks back, we hosted the first Five-0 Fitness workout sponsored and organized by the Evanston Police Department. The event brought 30 members of the community into our space and was a great way for the community, the police, and business to connect," Ferguson says.


To those who are not familiar with his work or who have never tried any fitness regimen, then to seek the advice of a fitness expert, even if only for a short while, to help you set a fitness baseline, establish realistic goals, and develop a safe and effective exercise and nutritional regimen. "Planning is easy," he says, "the real skill comes in the implementation and follow-through." For Ferguson, fitness is a means for individuals and communities to realize the best version of themselves through hard work, commitment, and self-development. "When you build your body, you assert your will on changing your reality, and that changes every aspect of your life, especially your self-esteem," Albert says with a smile. "And no one looks better than when he or she is dressed in confidence."


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