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Discover: Mayan Moon Healing

The path to acupuncture was not a straight one for Ixchel Muhlberger, owner of Mayan Moon Healing, which she operates from inside the Heartwood Center, 1818 Dempster Street, in Evanston.

Ixchel obtained a degree in marketing from DePaul University, but always felt her natural call was in helping people to be healthy. She went back to school for massage therapy, which eventually led her to acupuncture.
When asked why she chose Evanston, Ixchel will tell you that Evanston chose her. Evanston has always been her second home. As a child, she spent her weekends and summers walking along Evanston’s lakeshore and eating ice cream from the Norris Center at Northwestern University, where her father has worked for over 40 years.
At Mayan Moon Healing, Ixchel offers a whole line of holistic methods besides acupuncture, including herbal supplements, cupping, and guasha. Guasha is a method that helps release muscle tension or can open pores to “release the exterior” to help fight off the common cold.
While Ixchel admits that acupuncture is not sensation-free, but it is not painful. Patients usually feel the prick of the needle and then energy traveling through the body. In general, she says, acupuncture can help gain health and well-being within the body. Acupuncture is the act of balancing the systems within the body. It can help with digestive issues, stress and sleeping issues, among other ailments, and it is also used as a preventive medicine.
If you want to learn more, visit Mayan Moon Healing’s website:

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